Industrial Fire and Safety Service


Total Fire - Fire System Testing
  • Fire Pump Testing

  • Foam System Testing

  • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

  • Fire Hose Testing

  • Fire System Commissioning

  • Fire System Design

  • Fire Extinguisher Testing

  • Foam Changeouts

  • Fire Equipment Rentals

  • Fire System Certification

  • Fire Equipment Sales

  • Fire Training

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  • Technical Rope Rescue 

  • ITRA L1-3 Training & Cert.

  • ITRA Assessments

  • SPRAT L1-3 Training & Cert.

  • Specialized Workshops

  • Working at Heights Training 

  • Energy Safety Canada Courses

  • Confined Space Entry / Rescue

  • Standy Rescue Teams

  • Rescue Equipment Sales

  • Onsite Consultation

  • State of the Art Training Center

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  • Standby Medical Personnel

  • Variety of Medical Personnel

  • Locally licensed & certified

  • Mobile Treatment Centers

  • Ambulances

  • Patient Transfer Units

  • BLS and ALS Services

  • Medical Director

  • First Aid Training

  • Technical Screening Equipment

  • New Equipment

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  • Safety Specialists (CRSP)

  • Auditing

  • Safety Program Development

  • Certificate of Recognition 

  • Safetywatch Personnel

  • Turnaround Services

  • ERP Development

  • Tabletop & Onsite Drills

  • Project Management

  • Safety Equipment Sales

  • Tabletop Exercises

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  • Onsite and Online Options

  • CPO Working at Heights

  • CPO Working at Heights Refresher

  • Elevated Work Platform

  • First Aid

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue

  • Tower Rescue

  • Book 7 -Traffic Control

  • Forklift

  • ​SPRAT

  • ITRA

  • Tank Fire Strategies and Tactics

  • NGL Ignition

  • Fire Extinguisher

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  • Rescue Drones

  • Emergency Operations

  • ERP Pre-planning 

  • Bird Mitigation

  • Pipeline Surveys/Inspections

  • Land Surveys 

  • Plant Surveys/Inspections 

  • Crop Vegetation Analysis

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With over 70 years of experience providing industrial fire and safety services, we offer our clients resources that get the job done right - the first time. We have seen firsthand what can happen if you hire the wrong company to do the job, which is why we started this company. We pride ourselves in what we do, and we deliver professional industrial fire and safety services that are done to code, and to your satisfaction - every time. These are Life-Safety systems that your company relies on, and we do not cut corners or deliver inferior products to save a few dollars. Everything we do is guaranteed and backed up with certification - and just like the famous fire-fighter Red Adair once said...

"...if you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur!"

           RED ADAIR 

American Oilwell Firefighter (1915-2004)

Air Trailer and Rescue Team on location


Alberta Office 2660 22 Street Unit 4030, Red Deer, AB  Phone: 1-888-RESCUE+





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