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Book 7 - Traffic Control in Temporary Work Zones

Course: Book 7 Training – Traffic Control in Temporary Work Zones

Cost: $255.00/student

Duration: 6 hours / Valid for 3 Years

Material: Copy of Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 – Office Edition (2014) Included

Knowledge Evaluation: Multiple Choice Test


The law requires that when traffic control measures are required to be put into place in work zones, that the persons who are responsible for pedestrian and traffic stoppage, flow and safety received proper training, under Ontario Traffic Manual - Book 7. This course is for all workers who are, or may be required to stop, direct and control pedestrian or motor traffic in a temporary work zone.

This program assists those responsible for creating, implementing, and/or overseeing traffic control in temporary work areas to develop an effective traffic control plan. Participants are taught using typical layout case studies, Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 7, and the Regulations for Construction Projects.



Topics covered include:

  1. Understand relevant sections of Occupational Health & Safety Act, Ontario Traffic Manual and Ontario Construction Regulation 213

  2. Know when traffic control measures are required

  3. Recognize the proper methods for safely setting up, operating and removing traffic control

  4. Understand and use appropriate documentation

  5. Identify the appropriate control methods and implements (cones, barriers, flares, flashing lights, delineators, crash trucks, buffer areas, etc.) to be used for different situations

  6. Understand the basic principles of Work Zone Design

  7. Know the application of Book 7 Guidelines

  8. Identify the different control measures required, based on the duration of the traffic interruption

  9. Recognize require components of a Temporary Work Zone


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