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We are Foam System Specialists

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Firefighting Foam System Testing

Maintaining your fixed and semi-fixed fire systems is a big job—and it's what we do best. Checking foam chambers and pourers, replacing vapor disks, verifying flow rates, proportion testing, ensuring that your system is delivering the right amount of solution to the end point, and unplugging blockages in the system all ensure your system is ready to go as per NFPA 25. Our foam system testing is thorough and completed as per your local fire code requirements so you can rest assured your facility is protected.

​What Is Fire Fighting Foam?

Firefighting foam is a stable mass of small bubbles that has a lower density than oil, gasoline, and water. Firefighting foam is made up of water, foam concentrates, and air. The foam concentrate is mixed with water, exposed to air, and then agitated to create a thick foam blanket that flows over the surface that is on fire. Foam can be delivered through many different devices and we can test them all - foam chambers, sprinklers, master stream nozzles, hand held units, deluge systems, fixed and semi-fixed systems.  All have their unique abilities to assist with effective firefighting and it's imperative that your equipment is tested and ready.


Do I NEED to Test My Foam Systems?

The Provincial Fire Code states that "Water based fire protection systems shall be inspected, tested, and maintained in conformance with NFPA 25."

This means that it's not a suggestion or a recommendation - it's the LAW - and non-conformance can lead to large personal and corporate fines, personal liability, and potential jail time in certain circumstances.

Firefighting foam is essential to ensure that a fire gets extinguished early. We test hundreds of systems annually. Does your system still meet the criteria it was designed for? Give us a call so we can ensure your system can still get the job done. We provide thorough reporting to meet the requirements of NFPA, FM Global, and your local fire codes.








Looking for environmentally friendly fire foam system testing? We offer surrogate liquid testing that allows your system to be tested without using any of your foam concentrate, and the solution can be dumped on the ground. *Some piping modifications may be required.  (Download our Brochure for more information)

Foam System Testing - The New Age.._

Download a copy of our Foam System Testing Brochure

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