Fire Plans -  Emergency Response Plans (ERP)


Fire Safety Plans are required by the Fire Code. A Fire Safety Plan is designed to identify the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or similar emergency. In addition, actions are identified which must be implemented and documented, where required, to maintain fire protection systems and assist in the prevention of a fire on the premises. The Fire Safety Plan therefore covers both fire prevention, evacuation and emergency response.

A copy of this plan is to be made available to all current employees, as well as to all newly hired employees. All recipients of this plan are required to review and understand the procedures outlined and be prepared to follow these procedures in case of fire or any other emergency.  This official document is to be kept readily available on site by the building superintendent always for use by fire officials in the event of an emergency.


Objectives of the Fire Safety Plan


Fire Prevention

To prevent the occurrence of fire through the control of fire hazards and the proper maintenance of the building safety systems and facilities.

Occupant Safety

To establish a systematic method for safe and orderly evacuation of the building in the case of fire or another emergency.

Fire Control

To establish procedures that will maximize the probability of controlling and extinguishing a fire in the safest and most efficient manner.

Responsibility for the Fire Safety Plan

The building owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the plan is correct and complete and that it is implemented and maintained to achieve the above purpose and objectives.

The owner is responsible to appoint Supervisory Staff as referenced in the Ontario Fire Code, and to ensure that adequate fire safety information and guidance is provided to all tenants and visitors, including alternate measures if system(s) shut-down(s) are required and to ensure fire protection system(s) are maintained in working order.

Responsibilities of Owner

  • The owner of a building must ensure that the building and facilities comply with the provisions of the Fire Code.

  • Establishment of emergency procedures to be followed at the time of an emergency.

  • Appointment and organization of designated supervisory staff to carry out fire safety duties.

  • Instruction of supervisory staff and other occupants so that they are aware of their responsibilities for fire safety.

  • Holding of fire drills.

  • Control of fire hazards in the building.

  • Maintenance of building facilities provided for the safety of the occupants.

  • Provisions of alternative measures for safety of occupants during shutdown of fire protection equipment

  • Assuring that checks, tests, and inspections as required by the Fire Code are completed on schedule and that records are retained and maintained.

  • Posting and maintaining a copy of the Fire Safety Plan and ensuring that floor diagrams and instructions are posted on each floor area.

  • Notification of the Chief Fire Official regarding changes to the Fire Safety Plan.



A written record will be kept of all tests and corrective measures for a period of two (2) years. Upon request, the record will be made available to the Chief Fire Official or his representative


A permanent record of any maintenance work or hydrostatic testing carried out, will be prepared and maintained for each portable fire extinguisher. All other required maintenance as listed in the MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES section will also have written records kept.


The fire safety plan shall be reviewed as often as necessary, but at intervals not greater than 12 months, to ensure that it takes account of changes in use and other characteristics of the building or management.

This includes a copy for:


  • The Local Fire Department

  • The Regional Manager

  • The Security Supervisor

  • The Fire Safety Plan Box


NOTE: When any changes are made the information within the fire plan document must be revised to reflect these changes. All applicable copies must then be amended.


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