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Item Specifications

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Our standard Tripod (TP143B) is fitted with two Pulley Wheels and Two Eyebolt Anchors.  Our Tripods have an MBS rating of 3600kg (7936lb), giving a WLL 360kg (771lb) at a 10:1 Safety Factor.  This allows the devices to meet the requirements of NFPA [G] Rating, in addition to being certified to EN795 Type B, 1997.


Product Update: ISC Tripods have been tested and certified for use WITHOUT a Foot Restraint Strap. See Below for article.




Following the recent re-testing of our Tripods, we are pleased to announce the following upgrades to our range...

Removal of Webbing Strap

Foot restraint straps have long been a cause for concern in risk assessments because of the potential trip hazard.  We recently requested that our UK Notified Body retest our Tripods, to confirm their strength and suitability without the webbing restraint strap.  The testing found that the strap makes no difference to the performance of the Tripod.  In the future therefore, we will not supply the Tripod with the restraint Strap as standard.


New Markings Plate

All ISC Tripods are now fitted with a durable Anodised Aluminium markings plate/  The markings include a QR Code, which can be scanned (using a Smartphone*) in order to access an electronic User Instruction Manual.  All Tripods are individually serial marked as follows:

YY/BBBBB/XX       Y= Year  B= Batch   X= Unique Reference Number

* App download required

New Max Leg Extension Indicator & Leg Holes

Each Tripod is now fitted with a durable label on the outer face of each leg, to alert the user when they have extended the leg beyond the maximum extension setting.  When the STOP label is exposed, the user should lower the leg setting to the next available hole setting, ensuring that the STOP label is not visible.


The Tripod leg hole spacing and telescopic hole alignment has also been changed, making the Tripod compatible with a range of two-pin accessory brackets, which can now be mounted in numerous positions on the leg.


TP143B Tripod System

  • Number of persons 2
    (WLL) Working Load Limit (kg) 360
    (WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs) 771
    (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 3600
    (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf) 7936
    Finish Powder coated (head)
    Colour Red
    May be serviced Yes
    Weight (grams) 22kg
    Weight (ounces) 49lb
  • EN 795 (B) 1997
    Meets NFPA [G] Rating