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“The problem does not always lie in failure to comply with policies, procedures and regulations - It lies in a lack of knowledge of what the standards are.”

Safety Coordinators

Even though a report of zero injuries on a North America-wide scale may seem statistically impossible, there is absolutely no reason why companies small, medium and large should not set their sights on a zero tolerance policy for accidents and injuries within their company.


The challenge will always be to lengthen the time between injuries, continually making improvements  that  help you realize the goal of zero on an ongoing basis.


How do Safety Coordinators help prevent accidents:


  • Provide a leadership function to help the entire team learn and embrace the onsite safety culture. Safety Cooridinators become an integral part of your team to assist in improving safety practices based on established job task hazard assessments.


  • They  augment and assist in safety initiatives that are already in place by ensuring completion and tracking of required documents and forms.


  • They are not safety personnel who simply suggest safer work procedures or use a hands off approach. They are interactive and look for opportunity for improvement.


  • The Coordinator will communicate through the appropriate supervisors regarding lax safety habits and potential hazards.


  • Coordinators will intervene when imminent danger to workers or damage to equipment may occur, without threatening the authority of managers or supervisors. (Intervention). The coordinator will not circumvent the chain of command nor make decisions for the workers that are not approved by the manager unless immediate risk is present(Intervention/Pause).

In addition to Total Rescue’s Safety Management System Report, SC’s can assisist in the following processes dependent upon your current safety program:

  • PSWA (Project Safe Work Plan)

  • PTW (Permit To Work)

  • Safety Meetings

  • BBO (Behavior Based Observation)

  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis)

  • RAM (Risk Assessment Matrix)

  • Interventions

  • Pause Process

  • Daily Reports

  • Daily spot checks

  • Incident Reporting

  • Worksite Inspections

  • Orientations

Our goal is an alignment with our customers core values and beliefs. We will deliver our coaching, mentoring and  training as a Company Representative ensuring two way communication, relaying a strong positive presence, and providing company support and feedback.


COR Audit Monitoring Program


Our COR Audit Monitoring Program provides assistance to companies looking to finding qualified Internal and External COR/SECOR Auditors. We provide this FREE service to companies in a variety of industries, including oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, and transportation.


Many companies struggle to find an experienced COR Auditor that is available to conduct an audit prior to their certificate expiry date. We have taken steps to ease this process by developing a program that will monitor your renewal date so we can contact you in advance of your certificate expiry date in order to book an Auditor for you. This service alleviates the need for you take the time out of your busy schedule to contact numerous auditors in order to finally find one who is available to conduct your audit.