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We are Turnaround Specialists



Plant turnaround and maintenance processes are complex, requiring multidisciplinary safety support and skills. The Total Group conglomerate plans, performs, and supports your turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages annually. We serve clients in power generation, oil refining, chemical processing, and other industries.

Our in-depth expertise in turnaround services and safety management minimizes shutdown time and costs without compromising on safety and quality.

Whether for emergency response teams, safety watch personnel, equipment tracking or medical personnel and equipment. Our turnaround service teams follow a disciplined, multiphase approach to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds of all sizes.

Digital CSE Monitoring


The Total Group of Companies prides itself on providing unique solutions to real life problems.  While there are unique challenges that require a real person at a Confined Space Entry - it's hard to argue with our digital alternative.

This system is truly amazing!  With minimal manpower, we can provide an easy-to-use system that tracks workers entering and exiting your spaces, provides real time, high definition camera feeds inside and outside each manway, as well as live gas detection readings with it's own dedicated screen. This data is recorded onto servers and provided at the end of the job if requested.

This system can also save Operations time and money by reducing the need for area gas readings prior to issuing a permit.  By setting our Command Center up close to the Permit Desk, Operations can see all the real time gas readings across site.  The cameras have also proven a great resource for planners and management to be able to easily see work progress in the various spaces.

All systems have redundant backups and can operate for up to 8 hours on battery backups.  In the event of an alarm, issue, or evacuation the Command Center can sound the alarms in any or all of the spaces.  Workers also have direct verbal communications through the control modules both inside and outside of the spaces.

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Safety watch personnel are the last line of defense in ensuring your policies and procedures are adhered to, and that workers remain safe when carrying out tasks in high risk work areas.  It is a position that has often been downplayed as minor or non-essential, but that is not how we look at it.

In a day and age where critical tasks are being done, where complicated paperwork, permitting, entry documents, and procedures all must be in place - never has there been a greater need for qualified and skilled safetywatch personnel, TAR Advisors, and Safety Advisors.

At the Total Group of Companies we strive to provide our customers with the "Best of the Best".  Experienced, conscientious, and detail-oriented, with precise literary and communication skills - it's our benchmark for hiring.  We maintain a strict standard for our people and only have a limited workforce - so call today and book our services for your next Turnaround.  You wont be disappointed.

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We Adapt to Your Needs

Every project and client has different turnaround service requirements, and it is our mandate to work closely with clients to develop a plan that best supports other services on-site. This may begin well in advance of the turnaround service start date and conclude with postproject performance reviews.

We optimize turnaround and modification projects to ensure our personnel do not hold up any jobs and stay within budget.



At the Total Group of Companies we provide a wide array of Emergency Response Personnel.  NFPA certified Firefighters, Rope Technicians (NFPA 1006, SPRAT, IRATA), and EMR, PCP's, ACP's, Nurses and Doctors.  We have a certified Medical Director and can provide any of the associated equipment required to respond:

  • Mobile Treatment Centres (MTC)

  • Ambulance (BLS or ALS)

  • Fire Trucks

  • Fully Stocked Rescue Truck/Trailer

  • Mobile Fire Pumps

  • Breathing Air Trailers and Skids

  • Equipment Issuing Trailer

  • Confined Space Entry Simulator

  • Trailer Mounted Fire Pumps

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