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Working at Heights - Certified Instructor Course

The two-day Construction Working at Heights Instructor Course will provide you and your team with the resources and instructional methods to become an approved MOL WAH facilitator under the Total Rescue Program. We have ensured that our program meets and exceeds the required standards.


How this benefits you?

  • You can save time and on costs by having your own in-house instructors and using Total Rescue’s WAH program as your own.

  • Streamlined and cost-effective Train the Trainer and auditing procedures for you to onboard your own qualified instructors, set your own rates and maintain certification.

  • Student packages and manuals at an excellent rate.

  • We allow for pick up and also offer express shipping of student packages - you will never be canceling a course for lack of material.

  • A lower insurance requirement which can save you hundreds per month.

  • An open and responsive line of communications - our goal is to help make your WAH instructing experience stress-free.

  • By teaming with us you will have even more instructing and revenue opportunities, we are all about creating win-win scenarios for everyone involved.


The current promotional price of this course is $250.00 / instructor. Training may be accommodated at your facility if requested.  


MOL Approved WAH Certified Instructor Course Overview


Day One:

Attend a WAH class delivered by an experienced Total Rescue Instructor to observe how the course should be delivered and to prepare you for day two of training.


Day Two:

  • Adult Teaching Methods (Review, Overview, Presentation, Evaluation, and Summary)

  • Instructors responsibilities and ethics

  • Instructors submission process

  • Field Assessment Tips and Guidelines

  • WAH Delivery Options (Independent Delivery and Total Rescue Network)

  • Technical Training/demonstrations

  • Answer Questions on Total Rescue Course Delivery, Content, Systems, Processes

  • What Instructors can expect for "Next Steps"

Upon successful completion of the course, instructors are now ready to begin ordering student packages and delivering both the MOL Approved Construction Working at Height’s Courses and the Refresher Course.



Blended Learning Option


We also offer a blended learning delivery option which is ideal for companies who would like to have their personnel take the first half of the course online and the second practical portion in person. Our program will teach Learners the Basic Theory topics online before completing the Part 2 Practical training.


Blended learning is also a good option for companies that have a high number of personnel that requires the course - reducing classroom training time from approximately 8 hours to 4 hours allows Trainers to deliver more classes.

Please note there are prerequisites an instructor must meet before becoming an approved Total Rescue instructor. Please see below to download an application and contact us today at info@totalrescue.ca for more information.



Facilitate Total Rescue’s WAH Programs as an Independent Contractor


Total Rescue has many scheduled WAH courses throughout Ontario. If you are interested in working as a contractor for these courses, Total Rescue will take care of recruiting and registering Learners, including discussing the course and answering any questions.  We will also manage Part 1: Basic Theory delivery via online delivery if applicable. In many cases, the only thing left to do is deliver the Part 2 Practical Training for which qualifying Trainers will be compensated an agreed-upon rate.


Approved Trainers that have taken Total Rescue’s Certified Instructors Course can access our network to view available classroom courses. If Trainers find a WAH course at a location, date and time they are available, they can contact us to facilitate the course.  Total Rescue will book the trainer and send the materials needed to deliver the classroom training.


Please contact us today at info@totalrescue.ca or call at (587) 889 5969

Application Documents
Working at Heights - Manual Previews
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Instructor Manual

Participant Manual

Instructor Lesson Plan