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We are Medical Specialists

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Drilling and service rigs, compressor stations, pipelines - some of North Americas most dangerous work is performed in remote and isolated locations. When an accident happens and the clock is ticking on someone's life, our medical professionals will assess and treat the injured worker on the spot and coordinate rapid transport via ground or air to the appropriate hospital. 


Total Medical focuses on providing the best medics, and the best care possible to our customers. We have established a great safety program, and are proud members of ISN, Complyworks, and Avetta.  We are a safety first company with highly qualified people, and great equipment.  Give us a call today.


We employ highly-trained medical personnel to provide emergency medical aid to drilling and completions operations, facility and plant turn-arounds as well as any remote event or condition.  Policies and standards are managed by our 24 hour on-call Medical Director who oversees all of our personnel.


Medical professionals include:

  • Primary Care Paramedics (PCP)

  • Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP)

  • Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)

  • British Columbia, Level 3 Occupational First Aid Attendants (OFA III)

Contact Us for more information about our Standby Medical Personnel



We know that your company cannot afford breakdowns and we take that seriously.  Our equipment is meticulous and well maintained.  We supply gasoline and diesel powered 4x4 crew cab trucks that are less than 3 years old.  Our focus and concern is on your people, and these vehicles are their lifeline if something should go wrong.

We also maintain a fleet of new fully stocked MTC units, as well as Medical Office & Screening Trailers.

Contact Us for more information about our Medical Equipment.

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