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We are Industrial Fire System Specialists

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Fire protection and the technical testing and maintenance of the industrial fire suppression systems as per your local fire code is essential for companies across North America. Total Fire Solutions provides a wide range of testing and maintenance solutions that conform to the relevant NFPA codes and provides you with the technical documentation that you need, and the friendly service technicians that can help you understand the issues and the solutions to the problems that you may be facing. Our custom reports break down the industrial fire suppression system deficiencies and outline the path back into compliance. Fire suppression system maintenance and testing is the first step on that path.

Trust us to get the job done right the first time.

Fire Pump Testing


Fire pumps are a critical part of a fire protection system, especially when they are fed via suction from water tanks and reservoirs. Properly maintained and tested, fire pumps will deliver countless years of worry-free performance.  All of our pump tests are conducted as per the outline in NFPA 25 for churn, rating and capacity.

When we come to test your fire pumps, rest assured that we inspect and document every aspect of your fire pump - from general condition all the way through the dates of last service and everything in between.  You can expect a thorough report that outlines any issues that we've found, all the data from the fire pump, driver, and controllers, as well as a plotted pump curve that can be used to compare to previous years test that can indicate any performance issues.  We take pride in our reports.

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Fire Hydrant Testing


The various local Fire Codes & NFPA clearly outline the need for regular hydrant maintenance, service and testing.  Spring flushing, and fall winterizing and lubrication keeps the hydrants ready for any emergency - at any time of year.  At Total Fire Solutions we can perform fire hydrant flushing and flow testing, winterizations, troubleshooting and reporting.  We also have a civil crew that can complete underground repairs, hydrant and isolation valve replacements, as well as new installations as required. 

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Fire Extinguisher Testing


Fire Extinguishers are the front line defence against fires in your place of business.  It's the law that this equipment is inspected, maintained, and repaired as per manufacturers specifications.  We offer certification in low pressure and high pressure hydrotesting, as well as annual certification for ALL types of portable fire extinguishers.

We offer mobile fire extinguisher services as well - we can come to your location with our mobile lab, and hydrotest and certify all of your extinguishers.  

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