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We are Safety Specialists

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Safety is at the forefront of what we do everyday, and having a safety program that works is an essential part of business today.  We take pride in our safety program and performance and strive to ensure everything we do leads to everyone going home safely at the end of the day.

The Total Group of Companies is COR certified, and are members in good standing with ISNetworld, Complyworks, and Avetta.  Need some assistance with your safety program?  Give us a call and our safety and auditing team can get you on the path to a safe and healthy workplace.


Whatever your site requirements are for safety personnel, we can help you meet that need.  We have on staff certified auditors, and safety professionals, as well as a large database of contractors that can meet your site requirements.  We have helped clients in areas such as:

  • Safety Program Development & Updates

  • COR Certification

  • Policy & Procedures

  • Contract CRSP's and OH&S Specialists

  • Worksite Safety Advisors

  • Safety Watch Personnel

We would be more than happy to come to your site and discuss your requirements, perform a worksite and equipment inspection and evaluate your current needs.

Contact Us for more information about our Safety Personnel

Safety Program & Audits


Our safety professionals can assist you in numerous ways.  Are you a new company trying to build a safety program?  We can build you a new program from scratch.  Is your current program outdated and in need of updating?  We have an experienced development team that can bring your program up to date.  We can also assist with:

  • Safety Program Development & Updates

  • COR Certification & Audits

  • Policy & Procedure Review

Trust our auditing team to get your safety program into great shape

Contact Us for more information about our Safety Program Auditing



Whatever your safety equipment requirements are, the Total Group of Companies has got you covered.

  • CSE Ventilation Equipment

  • Harnesses, Lifelines

  • Tripods & Winches

  • Personal Gas Detection & 4 Head Monitors

  • Daily Bump Stations

  • Site Gas Monitoring Equipment

  • Breathing Air Equipment

  • Fire Extinguishing Equipment

  • 2-Way Intrinsically Safe Radios

Contact Us for more information about our Safety Equipment

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